OUR flock

In lockdown, my sister-in-law, other mums in the village and amazing group of people on Instagram tested and re-tested our play packs.  The earliest play packs, some of which elicited responses such as "Auntie Karen, when are you going to send us a REAL toy?" and "Wow, what's in the box? Oh.  Straw.   That's boring!" are locked away for future giggles.

The photographs, videos and Instagram messages sent to me by Our Flock helped me refine our play packs into the beautiful gifts we now produce.

It is with huge pride and thanks that I introduce you to Our Flock.

Send us your creations and we will do our best to add your pictures to this page.  You never know, you might inspire a future pack.

Toby 3.JPG
Sophie with pixie.jpg