Sustainable Gift Ideas For All The Family

When it comes to buying gifts for the family, I have been making a conscious effort to be as sustainable as possible.

In this day & age, I feel as though more and more people are adapting their gift-buying habits and looking for plastic-free and environmentally friendly options. Afterall, gift giving should be about thoughtfulness and doesn’t need to cost the Earth (literally).

Some simple ways to stay sustainable are to only buy products from companies that you know and trust, ensuring there is little to no plastic being used in the products that you purchase ethically sourced products.

Another great thing to think about is supporting independent businesses. Your small purchase could make a small business owners day!

I’ve put together a sustainable gift guide for every member of the family! So next time you’re struggling to think of the perfect gifts for friends and family, pop back to my blog and have a browse.

1. Mum

Fair trade, ethical bouquet of roses from Arena Flowers:

Arena Flowers is officially the UK’s most ethical florist as they scored a perfect 100 in the Ethical Company Index last year. And, for every bouquet or plant you buy, they plant one tree in countries like Haiti, Mozambique and Madagascar, to restore and grow healthy forests and help alleviate extreme poverty. Delivered through the letterbox, these are the perfect gift for mum!

2. Dad

An upcycled cork wallet from Corker:

Handcrafted from genuine cork by their in house design & produce team. These wallets offer something a little different as they are made from upcycled cork! Corker produces small batches to ensure premium quality every time! Along with being a sustainable company who pride themselves on being a PETA approved Vegan company.

3. Daughter

Handmade woven rainbow macrame hanging from Wildwood:

The perfect gift to brighten up a bedroom and add some colour into your loved ones life! These macrame hangings are handwoven & fair trade. At an affordable price of £17, they’re the perfect present.

4. Son

Man balm moisturiser - sandalwood & orange by Living Naturally on Life Before Plastik

This all in one moisturiser for the skin, hair & beard is the perfect stocking filler. Made with entirely natural ingredients, vegan, and plastic free - this 90% organic botanically infused moisturiser is protective, softening and regenerative.

5. Grandma

Pomegranate & pepper candle from The Pure Candle Company:

The small and dedicated team at The Pure Candle Company craft hand-poured 100% soy wax candles in our Northumberland studio, using ethically sourced and cruelty-free soy wax and fragrances. Their eco-friendly candles are made with a range of fragrances, each inspired by nature to calm, soothe, and delight your senses. The perfect addition to an ethical candle selection!

6. Grandad

Bike chain book ends:

These upcycled bike chains are a great gift for anyone who appreciates a bit of creativity and a passion for reading! Shared Earth is a Fair Trade, Eco & Ethical company. They carry the widest selection of sustainable and recycled products in the UK, sourced from countries all around the globe.

7. A gift for the whole family…

Island Survival Pack from Forest Craft & Play

Our very own Island Survival Pack is perfect for the whole family! You and your family are stranded on a desert island. It will take the rescue team three days to reach you. Use everything in the pack to design and build a shelter as protection from wild animals and the weather. The perfect activity for the family to enjoy together!

So there you have it! A gift for each member of the family that is sustainably sourced, ethical and/or fair trade.

Have any other suggestions? Leave a comment to share your favourite places to buy sustainable gifts and let’s leave plastic in the past!

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